Friday, March 4, 2011

Finding Some Direction

As a new writer, I am trying to find the genre I enjoy writing most.  I think all new writers should try writing in a number of genres to see what best suits them.  Find your preferred audience.  Try writing an adult novel, young adult, middle grade and even a chapter or picture book.  You may be surprised as to what age you enjoy writing to.  Take a stab at writing a mystery, thriller, romance or fantasy story.  Find your niche, what excites you.  I also think it's a good idea to try writing a story in first person and one in third person to see which flows easier for you. 

As for me, I am currently working on two projects and have many ideas to experiment with.  My first piece is a YA novel.  A paranormal suspense story written in the third person.  My second project is a children's picture book series written in rhyme.  I have many ideas, some for middle grade novels, a memoir, a fiction novel based on a true story and so on.

I am still finding my unique voice and which genres I prefer to write.  Writing in the first person is my next challenge.  So far, I am enjoying writing.  It keeps me sane, is a great way to express myself, live out my life long fantasies and deal with past hurts.  Writing is what makes you a better I say keep on writing.  Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and explore new writing styles and techniques.  Dig deep inside yourself and use that which is within you to create a compelling story.   

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