Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Life in Piles

Lately, it feels like time is flying.  Days are shorter, hours are going by faster and yet there is still so much to get done.  As a homeschool mom of an active five year old boy I definately have my hands full.  Every day is an adventure, with new things to be discovered, made, played with and learned.  My days are packed with the typical house cleaning, laundry and never ending dishes as well as school work and when I find the time - writing.  I noticed the other day as I was talking to one of Zachariah's therapists that my life has become "creatively organized".  I have always known where to find important paperwork, bills, recipes etc.  When I was filling out some papers with his therapist she had asked me, "Do you have another pen?" and I said, "Sure, let me get one for you."  I stopped and scanned the room quick.  I thought, now which pile is it in again? Every time I was asked for an address or phone number, doctor's card or driver's license I stopped and looked at each "pile" to think which one the needed info. was in.  I realized that instead of filing my life, it has become "creatively organized".  Scanning the piles, I knew exactly what was in each one.  Each one unique and colorful, a different size, a different location but all an important part of my life.  I had let my piles get away from me!  Organization is a good thing, even if you do know what is in each of your piles.  Decluttering your workspace helps to declutter your mind as well.  I have decided I will be making time to declutter my "creatively organized" life so I can better focus on the most important things in my life; my family, friends and my writing.  Make a commitment to declutter your life today and focus on what's most important to you.